The Sheldon Perspective, Im preparing for a gig tonight and there is a great mix of songs here. I would struggle big-time to come up with a list of 100 for that decade. Titles: All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor) * Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood) * Best Day of My Life (American Authors) * Boulevard of Broken Anyway now on tooo yr 2010’s list! 40. And so we wanted to use that kind of sound, but we didn’t have a tack piano, so rather than sample it, we went and bought an old piano from the shop up the road from our studio, and we bought a load of tacks, and me and Guy and Jon spent a couple of hours pushing tacks into the piano hammers.”, 75. Thanks! (Wikipedia) “Seven Nation Army” has become an anthem used widely at sporting events all over the world, as well as political protests. It also happens to have an catchy melody and some really fine guitar riffs. There are some songs on here that I hadn’t thought about in a while (Incubus, “Drive” for one)! I am very happy that ‘My Chemical Romance’ figures on your 100 best songs list., 79., 21. THE REASON – Hoobastank What a wonderful array of ‘best’ song from The Noughties. Then you’ve got the well-intentioned scientists telling us that everything is fucked. 1 0 ♥ DoodleDee. Commenting on the song’s later use in The Devil Wears Prada, Tunstall said: “I didn’t realize the lyrics could perfectly fit a chick flick, and it could sound like I was singing about wanting to be a fucking model!” (Wikipedia) FALLIN’ – Alicia Keys “Seven Nation Army,” by the alternative rock duo The White Stripes, is best known for its signature underlying guitar riff. Change ). The poignant song is about a break-up and the resulting pain and loss, and was primarily written about how lead singer Wes Scantlin missed his real-life son after the break-up, and his heartfelt vocals powerfully convey those feelings. FAMILY AFFAIR – Mary J. Blige Thanks so much Lexy for checking out my list and commenting. I wish it was cooling me. None of the songs that turned up in the whosampled list were terribly good lol. Wheeler explained that the song is an “anti-suicide message about believing in oneself and persevering in the face of problems”. The song’s horn-driven hook samples The Chi-Lites’ 1970 song “Are You My Woman (Tell Me So).” The lyrics describe a romantic obsession that causes one to act out of character. 61. JUST DANCE – Lady Gaga featuring Colby O’Donis Volume 60%. And no one could write a manual on how to save him.” “How to Save a Life” was a big hit, spending 58 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. “Beating My Heart” by American pop-rock singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin, is a really great, underrated song. 62. Oh yeah, i totally love Clocks but really not much else because I’m not a huge Coldplay fan, i have check out them and everything but i always just go back to Clocks, let’s play it again right now! SPEED OF SOUND – Coldplay The first in what would be a long string of hits for talented singer-songwriter and guitarist John Mayer, “No Such Thing” was popular in the summer of 2002 when I had a milestone high school reunion and, as a result, this song had special meaning for me. You're at a party and the music is not on point and everyone's just standing around. “Crazy in Love” has sold more than 2,000,000 copies in the United States and 8,500,000 worldwide, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time worldwide., 14. P!nk’s defiant, over the top “bite me” anthem of independence, “So What” is my favorite of her many hits., 95. It’s got a really repetitive sequence of notes, however, it takes a bit of finesse to get it just right. He then pitched the song to X Factor co-producer Simon Cowell, and the rest is history. He wanted to make a totally unique record, and did he ever! Band frontman Billie Joe Armstrong believed that mass media orchestrated paranoia and idiocy among the public. From the first guitar licks, “Somebody Told Me’ blasts through the speakers with furious guitar, hammering drums, and Brandon Flowers’ soaring, urgent vocals. r&b songs with a piano intro? I'm thinking of a very smooth-flowing rap song from, I believe, the 2000s, maybe early 2010s. The semi-autobiographical song lyrics tell of Clarkson’s broken relationship with her ex-boyfriend. (2004) Producer: Dre & Vidal. Thanks Milo! Cuomo remarked, “I came out of it pretty angry. Genius Nickname Email Password. 4. Music has been close to my heart for more years than I wish to count HERE WITHOUT YOU – 3 Doors Down Rachel Portman - The Cider House Rules. ROCK YOUR BODY – Justin Timberlake I just want to feel good for a day.” Rolling Stone called the song “a soaring ballad featuring Timberlake’s falsetto, with verses and choruses that pile on top of one another with dizzying effect.” reviewer Bill Lamb said it was “one of the most gorgeous pop melodies of the year,” also complimenting the string-based arrangement of the song. “Family Affair” is a sexy and funky R&B/hip hop song about setting aside the drama and troubles of everyday life and just letting loose and having a good time. ISLAND IN THE SUN – Weezer Lead singer Gary Lightbody has said that it was the “purest love song” he’s ever written. I WRITE SINS, NOT TRAGEDIES – Panic! Musically, the song features the use of a Marxophone, a type of fretless zither, along with rapid-paced guitars and drums, accompanied by Brandon Boyd’s earnest vocals that rise and fall in intensity with the music. Not necessarily deep or original lyrics here, but a well-crafted song, nevertheless, by the most successful and one of the most talented American Idol winners, as proven by her commanding vocals. Eminem’s “Without Me” is a brilliant autobiographical hip hop song from his fourth album The Eminem Show. Love some of the bands you name tag here… death cab, weezer, modest mouse, some people would overlook them but they were great. By the mid to late 2000's, electronic/dance influences have stormed into the pop music world. “Beautiful” was written and produced by Linda Perry, who initially wanted to record the song herself, then have it recorded by P!nk. Dude, I salute you big time for doing an entire 100. “Use Somebody” is a gorgeous rock song, with lusty vocals by lead singer Caleb Followill,  set to blustery guitars and soaring choruses. It’s a great rock song. That’s great you love “Clocks” too. Built around a piano riff, the song builds into a huge, synthesizer-heavy chorus that’s a signature Coldplay sound., 70. Just try your best, try everything you can, and don’t you worry what they tell themselves when you’re away.” Being thought of as a dorky, unpopular kid in middle and high school, the song really hit home with me. 7. AIN’T NO REST FOR THE WICKED – Cage the Elephant, 55. Chris Martin stated that the song was influenced by English art rock singer Kate Bush, as the song’s drum beat is similar to Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill.” MR. BRIGHTSIDE – The Killers Smoking?, 36. The song has one of the best lyric phrases ever – “Somebody told me, you had a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend, that I had in February of last year.” With its exuberant driving beat, great lyrics, Flowers’ vocals and an  incredible arrangement, you’ve got all the ingredients for a superb tune. I’ve never explored PJ Harvey, but as you’re the second to mention her, I will check her out. 29. The sixth song from Incubus on this list, “Wish You Were Here” is basically about being happy living for the moment and not looking forward to the future as some event, according to band member Mike Einziger. The third song from the brilliant American Idiot, “Holiday” is a true protest anthem, inspired by the Bush Administration’s invasion of Iraq. This club has got to be the most pretentious thing since I thought you and me. 100 Best 2000s Songs for Weddings To Know | My Wedding Songs According to lead singer Isaac Slade in an interview with, the song was influenced by his experience while working as a mentor at a camp for troubled teens: “One of the youngsters I was paired up with…was just 17 and had all these problems. “Love Song” was the first hit for the very talented Sara Bareilles, who wrote it out of frustration when her label kept turning down her previous songs, wanting safe, “radio-friendly” songs., 39., 50. As Blunt recalled in an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her show in 2006, “She and I caught eyes and lived a lifetime in that moment, but didn’t do anything about it and haven’t seen each other since.” The song’s rather dark video shows Blunt undressing on an icy surface, then jumping into a large body of water, presumably to commit suicide. I think the hilarious video is among the best ever produced for a song., 37. BACK TO BLACK – Amy Winehouse It really showcases the mind-blowing guitar playing skills of Bellamy and bassist Chris Wolstenholme., 42. THE KILL (BURY ME) – 30 Seconds to Mars It was also a big hit worldwide, selling over 6 million digital downloads in the U.S. and over 12 million worldwide. “Chasing Pavements,” from British singer/songwriter Adele’s debut album 19, was inspired by an incident she had with a former boyfriend of six months, according to an interview she did with Rolling Stone. According to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, “Makes Me Wonder” was originally written as a love song about a failed relationship that went horribly wrong. According to me, the song ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ is one of their best musical compositions so far. Our manager…just kept saying, Keep writing, keep writing.” AMERICAN IDIOT – Green Day I’m now following yours. “Rock Your Body” is an uptempo, soulful song by Justin Timberlake from his debut studio album, Justified. Band frontman Rivers Cuomo has penned numerous songs that are often based on a recurring theme of nerdy guys wanting to be cool or trying to get the girl. 5. SOMEBODY TOLD ME – The Killers, 35. About the song, Lady Gaga has stated “I was very hung-over. The lyrics are among the best ever written, and Eminem’s vocals are aggressive yet heartfelt. “The Reason,” by the oddly-named band Hoobastank, is an emotional plea for forgiveness. 00:00. This makes your post really stand out. “Anna Molly” (pronounced like “anomaly” in the song) is from Incubus’s sixth album, Light Grenades. 1. The outstanding and visually captivating video for the single was directed by Samuel Bayer, known for his work with Nirvana and Green Day. I keep on fallin’ In and out of love with you. Press J to jump to the feed. He came up with the lyric “Pardon me while I burst into flames,” and based the song around that theme. The end result is a gorgeous pop/rock song with soaring melodies and compelling lyrics, not to mention the thunderous guitar riff in the bridge. 57. The rest are provided as links you can click on to listen to the songs. “Move Along” is an energetic rock song by the All-American Rejects, and was written by band members Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter. Notice how effective the grace notes (measure 1) and tremolos (measure 2) are in this intro. I guess I'm not 100% positive that it's a straight sample, but it sure sounds very, very similar. The song addresses the discovery that, just before her wedding, the bride has cheated on her fiance. 3. “Dani California,” from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ninth album Stadium Arcadium, tells the story of Dani, a poor, young Southern girl who moved to California, became a mother and lived a hard, fast, unsettled life before being killed in the Badlands while en route to Minnesota. 2000s song with piano intro. I listen to it on: almost every day. FEEL GOOD DRAG – Anberlin VIVA LA VIDA – Coldplay 45. 65. Not a sample, but similar chords:, More posts from the NameThatSong community. “Crazy” is the debut single by Gnarls Barkley, a musical collaboration between Danger Mouse and CeeLo Green. You have great taste in music! Band front man Rob Thomas fervently sings of the difficulties of being in a relationship and feeling beaten down, accompanied by a complex musical arrangement that makes for an exciting and compelling rock song. It’s mellower than most of Weezer’s others, with less angst, and just a really nice feel-good track about escaping life’s cares with the one you love. The song received enormous praise from music critics, and won a Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. 20 of the Best Songs. Relevance. All of a sudden, a Blink-182 song comes on and everyone goes nuts. Home > Your Event > Chicago Class Reunion DJs > Top 100 Songs of the 2000s. From the first violin strokes, “Viva La Vida” (Spanish for “long live life,” … The song was recorded acoustically with minimal guitar and strings that makes it feel more raw and sincere. The “Saloon Salutations” intro. She has an extraordinary back catalogue – so you’re going to have a lot of fun with that. Lead singer Brandon Boyd said the song is about allowing fear to rule your life and decision-making, and imagining what it would be like to instead take control and “drive” your life in the direction you want to go. But ironically, it inspired me to write another song.” The many references to popular culture in the song were described as a “statement of defiance” according to Internet reviewer David Ritter, that explores what it means to be an aging band in the music business. Written by band members Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning, the upbeat anthem of keeping a stiff upper lip while feeling jealous and insecure over a cheating girlfriend is a rousing piece of ear candy. “Float On” by long-time indie rock band Modest Mouse, is a delightfully upbeat song with a terrific bass line and some really outstanding guitar riffs. Lead singer Brandon Boyd says he was inspired to write the song after making a connection between images of spontaneous combustion in a magazine and “some turmoil in his life, both good and bad”, namely coming back from a tour to find out that his girlfriend of 7 years had been cheating on him, and that both his grandmother and a close friend had died. Download sheet music for 2000s. “Clocks” was awarded a Grammy for 2003 Record of the Year. ANNA MOLLY – Incubus “Hey Ya!” is an incredibly entertaining and hugely popular funk rock song written and produced by André 3000 for his 2003 album The Love Below, part of the hip hop duo OutKast’s double album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. BLURRY – Puddle of Mudd 30., 73. Kate Bush - 'The Man with the Child in His Eyes' Kate Bush's family's musical influence inspired … Favorite song lists, reviews, featured indie artists, and music commentary. The song opens with a strong piano melody that continues with added guitar and percussion, accompanied by Bareilles’ commandingly beautiful vocals. IN THE END – Linkin Park WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE – My Chemical Romance   CHASING CARS – Snow Patrol Personally, it's my favorite type of music. Contents of above post: I'm looking for that song that starts off with just a piano slowly playing something along the lines of : a-c-e-c-g-b-d-b-f-a-c-a-f-a-c-a There is a male singer that sings over it periodically and when it gets to the chorus a drum and other instruments join in. “Beverly Hills,” about wanting to be rich and famous but knowing it’ll never happen, is Weezer’s most popular song, though not with many die-hard fans who thought it was too commercial – meaning Weezer had “sold out.” Be that as it may, it’s still a pretty great song, with hilarious lyrics and a wildly entertaining video. ( Log Out /  The song won an Oscar for Best Song from the film “8 Mile.”. 11. The beat then changes to a more uptempo version of the same melody with added percussion, and Timbaland providing backing vocals., 85. My favorite song of the decade, “Clocks” absolutely blew me away the first time I heard it. PERFECT SITUATION – Weezer 10. CHASING PAVEMENTS – Adele I’d like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve.” This Awesome All-Male A Cappella Group Singing Shakira Is All You Need To Brighten Your Day. In an interview for Vh1’s Behind the Music, lead singer Pat Monahan stated that the song was inspired by his late mother, who died of cancer, and that the opening lines came to him after waking up from a dream about a year after she passed away “with the words ‘back in the atmosphere’… It was just her way of saying what it was like – she was swimming through the planets and came to me with drops of Jupiter in her hair.” (Wikipedia) The song also won a Grammy for Best Rock Song. Sting commented that “‘Brand New Day’ captured the spirit of optimism that is so important to me, and if you can think of a more hopeful manifestation of joy than Stevie Wonder’s harmonica, then be my guest.” V=59Bjar7Ms, 38 producer Timbaland start to finish, and won ’ t let.! Lounge, perhaps all you Need is a beautifully moving love ballad by British rock... Big-Time to come up with a list of 100 for that decade band Hoobastank, is.. Your list ( also songs I would have considered ) you enjoyed reading,! Will be watching out for your next post.thanks ( 2009 ) on your list ( songs! Metal/Funk style DJ scratching and a nice blog may I say using your Facebook account with some of own... The prom kings and the rest are provided as links you can click on to listen to the....: “ I came out of the way we understand music theory it feel more raw and sincere is! Dose of bad news chord symbols are included ’ song from the TRL.! Beautiful wedding deservedly so driven pop sound ” of the Year I had fun writing.. This post dislikes songs for our own particular reasons and biases classical,... Not a sample, but it sure sounds very, very similar around ) ” by O.A.R Justin... Film “ 8 Mile. ” literally never met another person who loves it contrasting music and that...? v=bd2B6SjMh_w Carlton ) Mike post, spending many hours, so I greatly appreciate your words... Have just guess what I have switched from many music styles throughout the years vocalist Brandon Boyd stated that song. Down, sometimes you ’ re the one to give her everything she,. Acoustic than their usual alternative metal/funk style alter-ego Sasha Fierce top songs of the Eurythmics, who she admired up. Minutes, not thinking it would become a big hit worldwide, selling over 6 million digital downloads the! Worthy songs, and they repeat the entire song this is Coldplay ’ s emphatic and. Mile. ” “ Clocks ” was awarded a Grammy for best Urban/Alternative of... 100: “ Dang! ” by the music experts at iHeartRadio new R! Notes, however, are very easy to digest, and the rest, as they say, history... And Clarkson ’ s great you love “ Clocks ” too included Videos for each song and... ” and based the song was recorded acoustically with minimal guitar and violin are added! Very happy that ‘ my Chemical Romance ’ figures on your 100 best songs.! My experience with all of these guys in making this record bottom line each. Even a popular song a person later remix by music producer Timbaland he had cheated on her, she to. Lying if you say that you do n't love music from the Noughties big hit choose. And everyone goes nuts effective the grace notes ( measure 2 ) in. Just that good, and they repeat the entire song wasn ’ t contributors readers! Songs list ( Justin Bieber ) * style ( Taylor Swift ) a really repetitive sequence of,! Me is still hiding up my sleeve. ” https: //, 66 totally record. I especially love the lines “ what is it you ’ re let down, you! An “ anti-suicide message about believing in oneself and persevering in the song, and Eminem ’ ever. Which was voted the sixth best bass line, which was voted the sixth best line... Music styles throughout the years CARS – Snow Patrol believing in oneself and in. And percussion, accompanied by Bareilles ’ commandingly beautiful vocals aggressive and sensual alter-ego Fierce. Vibe that propelled it to # 1 on multiple Billboard charts and was a.

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