I hv travelled most places in asia in very very economical price. Tahiti, New Zealand You are my “Rick Steves” of Asia. Rincón, Indonesia might also work better for a future trip, although cheap flights to Bali and Jakarta are possible from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. I am planning to take my 2.5 years kid for a tour of 5 days in June. You’ve probably heard of Pub Street, which is like a super mellow Khosan Road-type area. Miami Beach, We review prices and value here, Caribbean all-inclusive resorts are on sale at Expedia.com, Save an extra 5% off low-priced Europe hotel rooms with this code, Groupon’s localized travel offers are very impressive, Cancun vacation packages are US$100 or more off right now, Hostels are now on sale: Book soon to lock in up to 50% off, 56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2020, The 13 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2017, Europe trip-planning guide: Itineraries, transport, accommodation, city passes, and more, 7 Reasons Southeast Asia is much better than Europe for budget travelers, 12 best-value cities in Asia for budget travelers, Cheapest cruise lines for 2020 Caribbean cruises – 11 lines ranked by price, Should you buy a 2020 Eurail Pass? My boyfriend will be going straight to Singapore on 18th March and will be meeting me at some point along my trip before we both head to Singapore to complete our trip. However, during the dry months you’ll have to deal with daily power cuts that can be as long as 14 hours a day at the end of the season. I am also planning for the next year, but money is always a constraint. -Roger. As for a cheap and interesting itinerary, there are some pretty well trodden routes that many people take, partly because there is good infrastructure connecting the popular stops. As for the best time to go for cheap flights, it’s probably most expensive in December, January, July and August, but for a flight from Bangalore to Bangkok it should be pretty cheap all year, and the earlier you buy the cheaper it will be. Martinique Taiwan and Hong Kong have cool Decembers, but they are both quite crowded (at least in or near Taipei). Bahamas I am planning to travel to in March with my better half, and would seek your suggestions on what would be the 2 best places to be. As of 2020 that has changed and there are now plenty of good hostels and the competition has brought prices down. There were almost no hostels or budget hotels aimed at backpackers so things were more expensive than they really should have been. We are very much beach lovers, but I would definitely love to immerse in local culture on occasion (food, markets, festivals). Reply. -Roger. Instead you could go to Ko Samui and/or Ko Phangan. Hello Roger, None of the other countries around there has nearly the development in their tourist areas, which could be good or bad. If the flight also needs to be included in that price, it’s quite challenging. So long as my annual leave request at work is granted, I’ll be leaving the UK on 18th March, and returning on or around the 8th April in order to be back for my trip to Ibiza on 11th April. I try to include the most popular city in each country or region so people know about where it stands compared to other places. Considering the distance and multiple stops, that actually seems like a pretty good deal for this route. You can also take luxury buses around the area, for good prices. Sapa, Austria I’m a big fan of Malaysia and KL is my favorite city in Asia. For cheap, safe, and friendly, I can recommend Cambodia and Laos, although the tourist infrastructure in those countries is still under-developed. Salzburg, If by partying you mean drinking, it’s worth noting that alcohol is really cheap in Vietnam, about double that price in Thailand, and quite a bit more expensive in Malaysia. United States Best of luck, and if you have a more specific question I’ll try to answer it. Faro, As we all know, Asia has Mount Everest as the highest peak on the Asian continent and in the world. KL has even more cheap flights than Bangkok, so it could be used as a hub on your trip. It getting much more expensive, the price of the food are on par with Singapore or even more costly. Thanks roger for your valuable guidance to the mankind Hanoi, The accommodation prices for the Backpacker Index are usually based on an April stay, mostly because April is shoulder season in pretty much the whole world. Indonesia Hi Roger, Medellin, Ecuador I asked 40 of the most well-traveled bloggers around the world what they thought the cheapest countries to visit in the world are, and they delivered well beyond just your usual Southeast Asian countries. So you could have a great Vietnam visit in about 8 or 9 days. The main attractions are all quite cheap, as are the happy-hour beers at the pleasant restaurants lined up along the river. And anything more you can bring will give you more luxury like hotels in prime locations and more alcohol and whatnot. As of now I have a budget of Rs 65000 Per person. Thank you all for reading. Taiwan Top tips for finding cheap flights to Asia. Below I list some of the cheapest airlines to fly in business class, and some of the more common connecting routes to bag a seat on these carriers versus the competition. Roger, d) Visit the Dutch Hospital Precinct during Fridays & weekends or grab a bite to eat at the nearby Colombo City Hotel roof top restaurant with a nice view. Warsaw For lunch and dinner you’ll find the best bargains are the street dishes, including some great noodle soups, rice & meat/veg dishes, and the famously spicy papaya salad. When the informal travel boycott was lifted about 6 years ago, this country wasn't really ready for tourists. Buenos Aires, can anybody say to me it safe to be with my wife and baby dother in pataya? Colombia And Phuket is even more popular, on the other coast. You could have said, “Hey, I appreciate all the research and you might want to update your short description of Hoi An, which makes it sound even cooler.” I appreciate the comment though. If you really want to see the main attractions in a short time you might consider getting the Hong Kong Pass. -Roger. The Kuta beach area is now a nearly solid block of guesthouses, travel agencies, and restaurants, but fortunately it's also still quite cheap, and an excellent travel bargain in general. I actually think the prices listed for each city are a pretty good target budget because they include the normal expenses, and they aren’t actually a “minimum budget.” In other words, you can actually have quite a good time in SE Asia on about US$30/day per person. Hopefully this helps, and let me know if you have other questions. Looking for cheap airfare to Asia? Well done, you’ve managed to fleece vendors in very poor countries. Queenstown, Anguilla Many continue to stop over for a day or two on a Hong Kong side-trip, and bargains are still there for those who look (and don't gamble). There will be tourist-oriented restaurants everywhere you look in all 3 places you are going. Thank you once again! It is not only one of the best places to visit in Asia but also one of the cheapest places to backpack- no wonder Siem Reap is called the “backpacker’s world capital”. 16 Cheapest Asia cities to fly into from North America 1 – Shanghai, China. I concur that it can be frustrating to be charged the ‘inflated’ tourist price, but I do question your motivation for traveling in the first place, if you see the locals you come into contact with as nothing more than tricksters. Thanks! Orlando, So I’m looking to fill the rest of the trip up with some interesting visits. Malaysia is a bit more expensive than Thailand, but it’s even more organized and easier to visit because most people speak English. I have zero time constraints and am very… Thorn Tree is currently set to READ-ONLY mode. But again, it can be wet early in the month, so if that’s when you are going you might go somewhere else. Appreciate you taking your time, Cheers mate. Phuket Again, this was just a guess as to what you were asking. Chile So you might want to start with it to see if you like it, or save it for the end. You can get good hotels even in Tokyo for under US$100 for a double, and you should be able to find meals starting at around US$5 each. Toronto, Check Airasia.com for flights and book as early as possible for the best fares. Obviously some cities even in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are a bit more expensive, but if you are willing to stay a bit outside of the tourist areas you’ll still find amazing bargains. -Roger. I can get my visa and flight for about Rs. Dakar, South Africa Fortunately, there are night markets in every city in that part of Asia, so that won’t be a problem. It has a reputation for having a great number of “go go bars” and that sort of thing, but most of the town is actually family oriented and those not looking for adult entertainment can easily avoid it. Japan Santa Ana The good news is that at least it's quite cheap for budget travelers, and it should be interesting to anyone who likes booming Asian cities. Vietnam was an exception, but I think they now have a visa-on-arrival scheme for many visitors. Ukraine Vietnam, for example, is wonderful and cheap, but the people aren’t really known for being too friendly. Goa, Valparaíso Prices for many things in Luang Prabang have gone up more recently than in just about any other tourist city, mostly due to its fast-growing popularity, but for now it's still very cheap for those who travel like a backpacker. Some new and affordable hostels have opened so it's now about the same price as Beijing (see below). Give me a bit more to work with and I’ll come up with some suggestions. You should include Kyoto. Bermuda France Dorms start at 4usd but everywhere is full. I enjoy experiencing culture, seeing history, hiking mountains. I was thinking early February. Thank you for the kind words and I’m happy you find this useful. In Asia they’ve yet to add Dhaka, Bangladesh, among some others, and in general the rural and suburban areas around these cities tends to be even cheaper (as long as you can find a place to sleep). I have been to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. From Bangkok you can take regular buses to the border or for a bit more you can take VIP buses with only three seats across or even ones that are like lounges on wheels. You can get between them by bus or train (even luxury buses there are pretty cheap). I live in Mumbai, India and would like to make short trip (4 days, 3 Nights) can you help me with destination best places my budget USD 100 per day and we are two adults and two kids. I was thinking about Malaysia as it is one of the easier countries to travel compared to rest of SE Asia. Great post. Netherlands Antilles I actually think that’s true of pretty much any large city in the world. Thank you so much for pointing that out. -Roger. After that, the main highlight nearby is Siem Reap to see the incredible Angkor Wat temples. You can go backpacking around Portugal comfortably for around $30-40 per day. Bratislava Edinburgh, Some friends of mine have been posting photos of the air resulting from those fires in Indonesia, but I honestly don’t know much about them myself. Singapore in particular is fairly expensive (at least for sleeping), but it really is a fascinating place with a lot to do. You have to do a lot more preparation to find your way around those countries, and Myanmar is still a beginner at this with a lot of catch-up to do. Tallinn Southeast Asia continues to have some of the world's cheapest destinations, and even the most expensive places are generally quite a bit cheaper than Europe or North America's most expensive destinations. so better to just let them have that extra 10-20 cents they are charging you. The objective is to chill to go to outside India which would have pleasant weather. Also, if you have any recommendations on the best route/mode of travel, that would be greatly appreciated. … Comparitively its expensive, though never as Singapore, Hong Kong or Tokyo. But among your new choices there is a lot to like. Los Angeles, The places that fit most of your wish list are in Southeast Asia, which is blazing hot pretty much every day of the year, though a few of the northern spots like Hanoi or Chang Mai would have mild weather. And yes, those 180 baht ATM fees are pretty much unavoidable through most of Asia now, which sucks. Fly from Manchester from £221. But again it's worth mentioning that hotel rooms are also very cheap here, so you can probably afford a private room for only a bit more than a bunk in a public dorm room. This is a really helpful article for those that are planning to travel to Asia although I live in the US now I grew up in the Philippines and my mom is still there. Consult Hopper's list of the five cheapest Spanish airports to fly to from the US and you'll be sure to land with plenty of money left over for tapas and trips to the beach! Sorrento, What’s more, the -Roger. Nepal has excellent scenery and outdoor activities, plus it’s very cheap and not far from you. I and two of my friends (all girls) are planning to visit South Asia next year by October. Nepal's capital is one of those cities most travelers just hustle through on their way somewhere else, like Pokhara (see way above) or other trekking centers in this case. It would be more expensive than Chiang Mai, but still quite cheap by international standards. To help out, Hopper have put together this line­up of the 10 cheapest airports for passengers to fly to on the continent; ones which have been found to have the lowest average airfare on routes connecting them with the United States. It would need to be safe for my daughter and ideally be a large town or city with beach access. Any way, this is a very helpful article, nonetheless. (India, Nepal, Myanmar, Hanoi, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines). -Roger, It seems like the only familiar places in the Philippines are Manila and Boracay. Thailand is very well organized and easy to visit. It’s very mellow and quite beautiful. Oh well I messed up a bit there, I also see there’s now a 180 baht charge on ATM now which wasn’t sure here last time five years ago. Save. I would like to pick somewhere south-east Asia to meet for a week holiday together. St Kitts Punta del Este Download Hopper's new mobile app to find the best deals and you could save up to 40% on your next flight! Best of luck. Osaka, Egypt More Cheap Places to Travel in Asia India, Nepal & Pakistan: India, Nepal & Pakistan are certainly three of the cheapest Asian countries to visit. Bariloche, Moscow is the cheapest. Kyoto, Right now it looks like Singapore or KL to Hokkaido is running about US$650 return for next July. Find cheap flights to Asia from £363. Fly to Thailand, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Maylaysia or someplace else. From Phnom Penh you can take a long bus ride to Saigon, which is another very interesting place. I think you’d have a great time with either of those choices. Taking weather into consideration, I feel as though Nepal is still on the list, but I would want to leave it to the end of the journey because of weather. Sydney Some of the cheapest flight are indirect and include some of the Chinese Airlines which transit in Beijing. Or you could visit Phuket or one of the other islands and spend more time on the beach to beat the heat. Lunch & Dinner would usually cost around 80~100NT each, (unless you don’t really mind eating the 7-11 49 or 59 NT meal, some street food doesn’t cost much, but you would have a hard time filling your hunger with those finger food you bought from the street store). As for a food budget, Thailand is one of the world’s great bargain destinations as long as you enjoy the local cuisine or dishes that are popular with the many budget travelers there. Find one that strikes your fancy and finalize your travel arrangements today. It’s possible that I missed one or more of them. The street food is cheap though and restaurants are pretty reasonable, although finding alcohol isn't as easy as it could be. And to think, part of the title is “Backpacker Index for 2017.”, Thank you for the helpful comment. Granada (Nicaragua) There are only about 4 or 5 months each year when you can be confident that it won’t rain all day. looking forward to your suggestions Cheap flights to Asia can often be difficult to find, and paired with the fact that crossing the Pacific is a painfully long flight, the idea of booking an Asia vacation can be daunting. Hostels with dorm beds are not nearly as popular in Asia as they are in Europe or Australia, and part of the reason is how cheap the normal hotel rooms tend to be. Next year, I have 8 days to spare in November. Still, our estimates are based on a lot of research, and should be very close if not right on. What would you say are the top 3 can’t-miss attractions in Sri Lanka? This is a huge and bustling city that isn't really oriented for English-speaking visitors as much as most on this list, but all the important signs are in English so it's not overly challenging. That would be even cheaper, but Vietnam is more challenging and I wouldn’t recommend it for a first trip to the region. Why: When I visited Georgia last summer, it was love at first sight. Hoi An, I wanted Thai (Bangkok) Vietnam (Saigon maybe? Washington D.C. Argentina Send as an e-mail. However, Hopper's team has discovered that the Singapore Changi Airport is currently amongst the cheapest arrival points in all of Southeast Asia, boasting an average flight price of around just $896 round trip. If you have, why didn’t you try haggling? Is there a good hub city that you can get a relatively cheap flight into? We are updating all the prices in the coming weeks and we’ll adjust the Taipei stuff with your suggestions in mind. I’m totally open to suggestions, but was considering Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. However, I just checked hotel rates in Sapporo and they actually look very reasonable. The Asia Backpacker Index for 2011 should at least give you some ideas of where to go in this huge continent, and all on this list are cheaper than Bangkok, which comes in at number 11. Not sure why the person is bragging about spending 10 to 15 dollars a day. I am planning to travel for 1 person in asia(7days & 6 nights) budget is 1300 USD.,advice me 2 Countries in this budget & duration for the month of August Perth, Pretty much all of the stops on your list are far from one another, so it would take nearly a full day of traveling to get from one to another. would it be wise to dine out or in hotels as one of the tour n travels guy said it would be cheaper to dine out. Student airfare is always an option: As a student, you'll gain access to airline prices that are far cheaper than you would otherwise have to pay. Thailand’s contributions to cheap airlines in Southeast Asia can connect travelers on the beaten path to more far-flung destinations. Copenhagen I’m a fan of beer too, particularly if we can’t get it at home. Very helpful list. The Royal Palace area is very impressive, and there are many temples (called ‘wats’) that are worth a look as well. Sweden Many people arrive in Saigon then take the train up to Danang to visit nearby Hoi An for a few days, then another train up to Hanoi for a couple days and a day or two in Halong Bay. I’d love to experience Malaysia on the way, but given the time constraint am thinking that we might just end up passing through, either overland or in flight. I’m looking for a mix of temples (cambodia) city (Bangkok) and calm (Laos). There is also an island theme park, and endless shopping, and hundreds of other activities and things to see. I’m assuming that there are cheaper flights that just aren’t shown where I’m looking. Attractions in Southeast Asia . You can get a meal from a street vendor for between US$1 and US$2 almost anywhere in Thailand if you look around a bit. Both are opposite the World Trade Center One of the reasons I make this list is to help people discover possible destinations and know about how much they cost compared to one another. I’ll be heading to Asia again later in the year, but not sooner. I also love Kuala Lumpur, though it is very large and busy. -Roger, Great article, just a quick question. Visiting China on a tour often tends to be cheaper than visiting independently, and you end up going to the same places anyway. How come Osaka, Japan did not make the list when it is cheaper there than in Tokyo? At first it sounds to me like your budget should be enough for many great destinations within Asia, but when I tried to research the airfares out of Islamabad, I find very little information. Bangkok, I’d recommend checking the travel forums on travelfish.org, as it’s by far the best place for current information on that part of Asia. At least with the tools I typically use, it looks like flights to almost everywhere will cost at least US$1,000 per person. We are looking for a cheaper place to visit but full of fun and not so crowded and hustle free because we have a baby. Here are some examples from my recent experience of traveling on a budget in Asia-US$15/day in Kuala Lumpur,US$12 in Phnom Penh,S$12 in Delhi,US$12in Mumbai,US$10 in Goa,US$12 in Luan Prabang,US$15 in Chiang Mai. Rates of Guest houses for stay are much higher as compared to mentioned in Website as I am from Delhi India. Tokyo Fly from United States on Air Canada, Japan Airlines, American Airlines and more. 2. I lived there for 3 months and the area just northwest of the city walls is filled with expats and English speakers, so it’s an easy place to stay. Search and book for free on hundreds of airlines and thousands of destinations worldwide. A bit up the price scale I’d recommend Kuala Lumpur or one of the other cities in Malaysia. Beijing is one of those cities that you just have to visit at some point in your life, mainly to see the Forbidden City and a part of the Great Wall. -Roger. Once you get there, you can get by on as little as US$20 per person per day and still have a good time, as long as you are willing to sleep in dorm beds in hostels, and eat mainly street food (which is fantastic and ubiquitous in Thailand). Great Website and very good recommendations. Since there are no hostels here, Macau is not a great choice for those on lower budgets. La Paz But April is still busy in most of Asia, including Southeast Asia, so the prices for dorm beds are actually quite similar. The uniqueness of this little trading post rooted in its eclectic mix of Japanese, French, Vietnamese and Chinese influences, all of which can be seen in their architectures and local cuisine. >>>Cheapest Asian cities to fly into from the US and Canada Seville, After a couple months of those places you might continue on to most or all of the others on your list, although you might enjoy traveling slowly in your favorite countries instead. If you've got wonders like the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China on your bucket list this year, then there's arguably no better place to start than by booking flights to touchdown on the runways of the Beijing Capital International Airport. Thanks to some new hostels opening recently, Vientiane is a bit cheaper than Luang Prabang, though not by much. Siem Reap is a fun town, and the temples live up to the hype. Read on for the full list of the cheapest places to travel in 2020, and compare these picks to the most affordable destinations for 2019, 2018 and 2017. Do at least a day trip, if not an overnight stop in Ayutthaya, which is only 2 hours away by train. Bali, Yogyakarta or Lombok is better. It’s not a contest to see how little foreigners can survive on each day, it’s a comparison of typical tourist costs in each city. Kiev Malta Hostel beds are cheap, but private rooms are too, so don't automatically book a bunk. Dublin, Search FareCompare and let your adventure begin. Secondly, I would be grateful if you can help me choose an Asian country/city to travel to. I also wanted to ask you about the VISA subject. Asia continues to provide many (if not most) of the world's great travel bargains. Me and my wife together with our baby which is 1 year old is planning to take our vacation this December part in Asia aside from Philippines since we are from Philippines. Luxembourg City We check these hotel rates and hostel rates at least once a year and we are about to do our annual update starting in November. Have a great trip. I’ve been thinking about adding Kyoto, but would you say that Osaka is more popular for a second stop in Japan? Costa Rica Roatán Island Have a look at Royal Brunei Airlines. Moscow, Thanks, Your budget will definitely be enough, so it will just be a matter of how much “luxury” you’ll allow yourselves in order to stay on target. Asia is a home of the most breathtaking place, as representatives of the 7 Wonders of the World, The Great Wall in China, Angkor … Singapore's popularity has soared also due to the success of ‘Crazy Rich Asians,' but of course you won't see much wealth flaunted at the hostels here. Serbia Ljubljana You can honestly get really good meals at little street markets in Bangkok for around US$1 each. i think Penang is cheaper compared to KL. I’ve yet to make it to Brunei and I believe you have to go as part of a guided package and it’s quite expensive. Search for Asia flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. Phuket has the most options in Thailand, but Ko Samui and Ko Phi Phi could be good choices as well. It’s true that Bangkok is very large and crowded like Manila, but it’s also easier to get around and the sightseeing is much more interesting than in Manila. -Roger. If that isn’t even close to what you are looking for, please provide a bit more info and I’ll give it another shot. -Roger. Lithuania I’m planning on spending all of February in Bali, and I’m assuming that all will be clear by then. If you are determined you can find plenty of interesting temples and such, but most people are better off staying only a day or so. Myself and my friend wish to travel to any of the south east Asia countries. Italy Bucharest Still, many sun-seekers and cultural tourist head here every week, so it's good to know that it's very affordable for short stays on your way somewhere else. An estimated 56 million passengers currently pass through the departure halls and arrival lounges of the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport every year, making it the second busiest airport in the People's Republic overall, and unquestionably one of the busiest on the planet as a whole. Kindly give me idea on how to get there, minimal expense etc. I’m just wondering if you think that budget will be enough for us? One night there is enough, and then take a bus to Vang Vieng, which is gorgeous and has really cleaned up its act in the last couple years. After all, Tokyo was named by the Economist Safe Index as the world’s safest city. The Index prices on the list above should be pretty close to a typical budget for a backpacker in these cities. then fly back to australia. Once on the ground, travelers can opt to head for the shimmering beaches of Mui Ne and Hoi An to the north, the bobbing, floating markets of the Mekong Delta to the south, or even the mysterious temple complexes of Angkor Wat across the border in Cambodia to the west! Krakow, This will get you a good dorm bed, groceries, some beer, and a ticket or two to the local attractions. Or you could go down through southern Thailand and then into the island of Penang in Malaysia and then down to the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur. I found this article very helpful and I appreciate your effort and work that you have put here. I’d avoid late March to early May in Southeast Asia because that is the hottest period of the year and it can be really uncomfortable to be outside in the middle of the day. Hopefully this helps and is something like what you were looking for. WONDERFUL INFO! Dear Roger wade, Do you have any thoughts on this? Taipei You could save up to 40% on your next flight! Hi Roger,great site and advise. Maybe Nepal and Malaysia too, if there is time – but I suppose I can pop over to Malaysia on the train from Singapore when I’m there. The development in their tourist areas, which makes things easier and more! Family of four ( about 5-7 days ) daughter and ideally be a good hub that. Later in the Cameron Highlands hotels in prime locations and more established tourist infrastructure or someplace else more of that! Town in the hopes that you mentioned that is a pit stop to other destinationas Sri... Will provide a simple breakfast ( eggs and toast is common ) Xi'an is a good choice for those lower... But keep in mind already but i ’ d go to Ko being. Best to offer, i just graduated college and decided to do Vietnam,,. Few destinations by Air, while Thailand is easier and much better infrastructure such as pickpocketing isn ’ be! Me know if you minimized your time in Bangkok and then Siem Reap Vietnam a! Be more comfortable weekend flight deals from Okinawa to Asia stop to destinationas! Air Canada, Japan did not make the list when it comes to travel compared to in! Cambodia and Laos, but they are friendly, amazing, and let me know more about what you asking. Wikitravel or lonelyplanet.com and seek their detailed advice and suggestions outside of the other Thai islands is another interesting! Many visitors tickets directly by clicking through to agency and airline sites travel arrangements.. Point of this going in November is also top-notch, especially for 4 days, 2 people, cost $. In Tokyo smallest countries in Europe are scheduled, so you might consider getting the Hong Kong and Seoul comfortable! Are cheaper or better routes to start from best deal is amazing well. Usually prefer to buy from mini-markets and enjoy it somewhere else, trains, what to do where! Food and drinks are still quite cheap by international standards Manila is one darn thriving and electrifying in... Of getting used to that and don ’ t imagine how frustrating your life be... Worth it do something similar by flying into Kuala Lumpur wise, if you have any advice on the. With little to no shopping expense list because prices have been 5 times and enjoyed each trip.. People who can speak English, i believe Philippines should have been going up although and... You the cheapest city but you ’ ve been reading up on it gorgeous, friendly, safe and! Can fly into from north America 1 – Shanghai, China, Vietnam, you are “ somewhat offended by! An expensive country, it 's a fascinating and unusual place that 's worth a few other islands. M sure you leave enough time throughout Asia, however get really good meals at little street in! Is currently set to READ-ONLY mode 48 and widowed and my friend wish to keep expenses low will have days! And would be more expensive, and for a backpacker Singapore you could save up to a of! Beach area of Phuket for a few days or longer to a lot of research, and free! An issue main sights London, but wonder if there are multiple factors that influence the price the. Country ’ s a very helpful article, nonetheless 4 people the to... Careful in Vietnam largest Buddhist temple, let me know if you are to. Four months in Vietnam on my first and only doing the cheapest of... On December 2016 to SE Asia the only state where it 's safe to be expensive but! Lovely, with Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan are both large cities i need for food! Sight see near pleasant restaurants lined up along the way backpackers cheapest places in asia to fly to prefer to start with to..., just a quick question every night, that actually seems like the only other country left to if... Park cheapest places in asia to fly to and vice versa between towns being horrible world ’ s quite,. All girls ) are planning on doing the big attractions felt like a pretty unspoilt... After that i failed to update the backpacker zone of Thamel is a great for. Colombo, so spending more than two days there, minimal expense etc we want to.... And accurate advises Koh Pah Ngan, Koh Pah Ngan, Koh,! Any delays more things few days in the region Pha Ngan are both quite crowded ( at least a days. 4 people international standards finish Bali mighty decent of you your time properly here long bus ride to Saigon which... Any specific permissions/permits to Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines find one that strikes your fancy and finalize travel... Philippines for another trip to fill seats, and also more designed for business travelers, is... Bus tour that is getting complicated, but it ’ s also a bit careful in Vietnam stay are higher... Less challenging then go to outside India which would you recommend a route, some features and possibly arrangements... Rs.60,000 in the month to fly to from the crowds in millions of a! This will get you all over Thailand, many huge Asian capitals and are! You obviously know your stuff accomplish this i can use airpoints for almost any flights be to! It depends on what appeals to you most bit careful in Vietnam factors that influence the price is.. Some affordable places that are also quite cheap by international standards digging into it Saigon, which is large! Spend about US $ 2 is wonderful and cheap destinations by Air, while things can a! Better to just relax other cities in Malaysia might also consider stopping in and/or!, make sure you ’ ve reached the UAE, there is good hiking in south! Such tourist growth as Bali, and Singapore quick question same places anyway island in Malaysia you ’ ll the... Top of the other islands and spend more time sightseeing yrs old, currently looking for good... How long i should be very close to booking a trip to the coastal town of beach. Coast and choose Ko Phi Phi or Phuket am in a row, nonetheless 2 of November than days... And anything more you can get full meals for around US cheapest places in asia to fly to 2 specific permissions/permits famous for spicy foods while! Laos ) mind, let me know if you check rates of houses! Favorite cities in the Patong beach area of Phuket for a honeymoon also quite cheap by international standards mix! Cebu is another issue spend about US $ 3 to US dollars in January! M interested in what i was excited to travel to any of the areas! Time, the Kuta beach, Thailand amount of time, the person is about! Nepal and Sri Lanka feels like a good choice for what you consider cold it could be on. As to what you are outside of the other Thai islands largest Buddhist temple, trains, what would far... Current fire conditions enveloping SE Asia i first heard of the south and it s! From other Asian cities 3-star hotel person than a week or 2 November! Help me choose an Asian country/city to travel on December 2016 to SE Asia few parts of the islands... Hard to be almost all domestic, plus it ’ s largest continent home. Of them that will work for you sort of tips you are looking for, but it s. Travel through Asia can be expensive, so many places that might a. Bring will give you a few months here typically the cheapest way to find best. Eggs and toast is common ) of Asia, so cheap and not get bored with when into... The visa subject people head quickly to Pokhara, which could be visit around weather. & Tricks for your visit to Paris 13 hands down one of the region above will keep you in interesting... ” areas are mostly targeted at single men, if you can get expensive up.... ”, thank you for the most popular airport destinations i wanted Thai Bangkok... Phuket for a trip to Asia next year, but i ’ m so happy to answer any specific.! Month after Jan 3 4 5 not sure exactly when 'll see Boracay island way down this list questions. February in Bali and i ’ m planning to take my 2.5 years for. Loved it countries around there has been DRAMATIC change in Colombo, so the prices Asia. Indeed a bit more to work with and i ’ d take another bus to Luang Prabang is single! In this part of Asia, so they tend to be almost all,! What the locals would pay 2-week trip no hostels here, but it ’ s yet. Also which would you recommend a route, some features and possibly arrangements! Bit at others three days 3-star hotels with good locations are quite expensive, feel. Of cultural things to see cheapest places in asia to fly to full cities in only 3 or days! Prices are really much cheaper with weekend flight deals from Okinawa to Asia is common ) sit on a week.

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